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3rd June, 2011, 08:18 PM
Though the builders in rkl may not be tech savy in having a website, giving advs in newspapers but thats not detering them from taking up new projects.
Following are some:
Vyas Residency, Vedvyas (Brahmani Developers)
Pearl Heights, Panposh (Brahmani Developers)
Jamuna Vihar, NH 23 (Brahmani Developers)
Sree Sai Residency, Vedvyas (Kosal Gardens)
Jai Dev Vihar, Panposh (Kosal Gardens)
Tulsi Residency, Jagda (Tulsi Constructions)
Radha Krishna Residency, Near Kalunga

Add to it a couple of residensial apartments in Civil Township.

3rd June, 2011, 11:26 PM
Vipul gardens of bbsr, vastu vihar of ranchi, fourm developers of kolkata r 2 enter rkl within a year. I personally spoke them.

4th June, 2011, 04:03 PM
Kurmunda will hot location on coming year. Big builder already applied for clearance certificate for construction works. One multi hospital is been going under construction. A mega builder is going to start works near NIT.The land is going on fire in Rourkela. The land rate in jirpani and jadha side is crossed 4 lac per dec. The land rate near bput and pradhanpali(behind airport) is 3 lac per dec.Land rate in 7/8 area and civil township is 6-9lac per dec.
Rourkela property rate is crossed then bbsr's rate.

4th June, 2011, 07:57 PM
vastu vihar is planning an integrated township in rkl by next year.

7th June, 2011, 12:57 AM
New plotting scheme at kaurmunda i buyed 1 last week. Intrested buyer can buy now. As illegal area got notice by muncipality to break down. People runing at kaurmunda 2 get legal land. Rate sowaring , get it nw at resonable rate.

7th June, 2011, 09:26 AM
Mr. rajpal
please give me the location and land cost. Iam interested for this.

7th June, 2011, 12:55 PM
there is 3 plotting scheme going on, i took 1 in between rsp new water tank and kaurmunda market(right side). i contacted one of my relatives who also took there. the plot i registered is 60000 cost per dec, it is only 150 mtr distance from highway. you can contact mr ratan roy for detail 9861143999.

7th June, 2011, 03:15 PM
Thanks a million rklpal

11th June, 2011, 11:35 PM
Aliva construction planning 2 get d real estate market in rkl. New mega bazar retail comming up infront of haryana bhawan by shanti builder.

12th June, 2011, 10:49 AM
2nd bridge will constructed at Pradhanpali(behind airport) which is connect with nuagaon and birmitrapur.New 100 ft road has started by NH,central govt. Project. near hocky stadium ,querry sidding.

12th June, 2011, 04:58 PM
Shapoorji Pallonji Pvt ltd. have acquired subtantial land along Rkl - Kansbahal highway.
dont knw why.

1st July, 2011, 03:02 AM
natural group of kolkata have ventured into rkl.
they have at present 2 residential projects and 1 commercial project lined up.

19th July, 2011, 09:03 PM
ganesh metalliks is building a 6 storied housing complex at tci , place where bricks plant was situated.

17th October, 2011, 04:46 PM
Vipul group shall be building residential complexes in the lines of - Vipul green in chhend, rkl and jharsuguda.
This is done in collaboration with OHSB (orissa housing state board).
OHSB has some residential plots in chhend where this project is going to be executed.

29th October, 2011, 11:38 PM
A city commercial complex is in the pipeline. Its being designed by Saha & Associates. But its owner & location - no idea.

30th October, 2011, 04:22 AM

I thank you for all the updates you are providing here related to Civil and Construction works that includes Real estate development. Keep the good work going.

Thank you again.

30th October, 2011, 07:30 PM
Thank you sir.

30th October, 2011, 11:04 PM

5th November, 2011, 02:05 AM
Had an impromtu with Mr V Agrawal of Shanti Group regarding Shanti Tower.
Here are the facts:
Opening - April 2012
Multiplex - No
Designer Boutiques - Yes
Exclusive Outlets - Yes

5th November, 2011, 08:21 PM
Thats just a good news if not a super news as the major factor(Multiplex) is still missing.So any idea where and when is the first Multiplex coming up ?
This is the major requirement regarding entertainment in Rourkela.

9th November, 2011, 08:11 PM
Its either the complex coming up at erstwhile deepak cinema hall or dua's mall at chhend (depending on who completes it fast)

14th December, 2011, 11:45 PM
Vedic City - a duplex housing project near Rourkela Air strip

11th February, 2012, 11:55 PM
can anybody pls tell anything about Maa tarini apartments, rkl ? which builder is building it?

11th February, 2012, 11:57 PM
any news about Pluto Plaza?

12th February, 2012, 07:23 PM
Project closed

26th May, 2012, 12:30 PM
Sharda Homes have completed their multi storey apartment project in koelnagar.

It is at Mohapatra Market Complex near koelnagar.

28th May, 2012, 07:09 PM
Hi All,

First of all Thanks to RDF for considering me.Accidentaly i navigate through the forum and it seems interesting.Though I am from Bhubaneswar but feel all other parts of Odisha to be developed.

But few ppl in this forum had discussed few points which i disagree and ready to encounter them(Take is as a Postive Sense :-)).I understand Rourkela has been kept aside in several cases due to its geographical condition and local resources but it's not ignored.

When i was a kid, i used to hear a lot of thing abt RKL from by Cousins who lived there , that it is a very cosmopolitan city with beautiful streets,forests and its heavily industrialized sector of Odisha.I was feeling proud at that time of listening such a wonderful city in Odisha.But if i compare then Bhubaneswar and then Rourkela(i mean in early 90's),we were far behind Rourkela.I remeber,at that time we didnt have good EM schools,Colleges,Malls,Super Market.....nothing.But i never ever think that we are far far behind RKL and not even discussed in any of my friend circles.

But suddenly when Bhubaneswar saw a high investment and industrialization,all other parts of Odisha started discussing about it.I didnt understand why....should not a state capital to get such priority...A state can attract cash flow if it's capital region is capable enough...You can take any example.And once a state become economically stable then it can opt for other city to grow with the return it is getting from the Captial region.I would like to give you a example...Say the case of Maharastra.....When Mumbai was a facing a immense growth,Pune(only 4 hrs from Mumbai) was in a pathetic condition till 2000 and Pune was called Poor sister of Mumbai.But now see after a certain equlibrium state,Pune is growing like anything where Mumbai slows down.So it implies everything takes time to be implemented.Have patience and but keep on trying for your hope.Same example of Banaglore and Mysore...Though Mysore is only 106 km from Bangalore,except some small achievement it has nothing to offer.The city is as small as that of Balasore.

Honestly saying(Its my personal opinion),the current govt. is the best option is Odisha and i dont think any substitute is available.We should try to extract our job out of this Govt.But if this Govt. topples and somebosy else has come...Bhai mane tahele gain we ll go back to our 70's.

So all RKL bros,think again before taking any extreme steps,we all belong to Odisha state and we BBSRites are not getting blind by seeing growth here.We as a citizen of Odisha care for other parts of Odisha too.Please please dont compare BBSR with Rourkela.We are also have lot of issues here - Bad sewrage,land mafias,delaying of Road Constructions, etc.Rajamahl fly over construction took 3 years to be completed still i m seeing construction going on.

I have not written this article in a intention to hurt anyone.Please forgive incase i did so.But i invite evryone to share your point in this open forum...


28th May, 2012, 08:48 PM

Welcome to RDF. I went through your comments and it seems that you have not understood the issues of Rourkela and opinions of participants here properly. Possibly you read everything in hurry.

Let me put some of the points here.

a. We are not comparing to any city of Odisha be it Bhubaneshwar or Berhampur or Sambalpur. We believe Rourkela stands on it's own just like any other city of Odisha. But the crticism comes when almost everything has been getting concentrated in Bhubaneshwar and nearby areas in the name of developing Odisha. Odisha is not Bhubaneshwar neither is Rourkela. And the development at Rourkela is almost nill over last 20 years.

b. RDF strongly believes in what Rourkela should get its share of resources based on it's need for it's own growth, development and increase in populations and the required infrastructure to meet their needs to manage the city well. And not based on what Bhubaneshwar gets.

c. The model which you have been saying about development of "Capital" city of a state is a Failed model and is one of the worst model that India has adapted since long and Odisha has recently adapted. There are two types of "Capital" one is Business Capital and another is Govt. Administration Capital ( there is another one "Education Capital" but it is of low importance ). The Govt. must recognize this difference in order to manage and maintain a city well.

Keeping the "Business" and "Govt. Administration" separate from a city has many advantages. I wish Bhubaneswar or Delhi being the capitals should grow and develop in terms of true capital city for "Govt. Administration". A capital city should not be mixed with "Business and investment" and "Govt. Administration". If we can keep these two separate from each others ( say, in two different cities ) , it will be better. You can make more re on this model with the cities of the world which has been successful as a city with very good infrastructure management.

Let me give you few example from USA. In a state called Texas, the Capital is "Austin" while "Houston" is it's business center. These two cities are 200KM away from each other. Similarly the state called "New York" has the capital in a city called "Albany", while it's business center is "New York city" ( the world's business capital). Similarly, "Charlotte" is business center for a state called "North Carollina" while, "Raleigh" is Capital. Had they combined the "Govt. administration" and "center of investment" in a single city, you wouldh have definitely found the situation of "New York" same as "New Delhi' or "Mumbai".

Our so called leaders of Odisha and India make frequent visits to USA and other developed countries but never try to learn something from here. And even if they observe they never try to implement it. This is the sad part of our leaders.

The way Bhubaneshwar is growing and the policies of the Govt. of Odisha, the plight of Bhubaneshwar will grow equally rather more dangerously just like Mumbai or Calcutta, in future.

You have no idea how the glories of Rourkela what it was 20 years back has been politically suppressed or discouraged without any reason. In the name of Odisha bhubaneshwar has been grabbing all the central resources. I can give you a list of many of such central projects such as ESIC medical college, IIT , Biju Patnaik Steel Institutes etc. And you know the plight of BPUT.

So all we are fighting for Rourkela is also an indirect struggle towards distributions of resources across Odisha. Without distribution of resources, Odisha can't grow or develop uniformly. Let Bhubaneshwar develops but at the sametime, Govt. of Odisha must distribute the resources and other cities must get their deserving shares.

29th May, 2012, 03:28 PM
Thanks for the detailed clarifications and do agree with most of your points.I am not a blind supporter of Coastal centric development and strongly believe that Odisha should grow as a whole.But the things will take time and its cant be overnight job. It took around 60 years for Bhubaneswar to attract investment their.Also I don’t its only job done by the state govt,lots of other organizations are working day and night to make the investment happened in Bhubaneswar.
Dear admin,you have explained the things neatly in a very prolific way but I don’t think the model which you are talking about can be implemented that easily in a developing courtiers like India. Practically uniformity can never happen in any developing country and in case of Odisha its even more difficult due to lots of other internal issues.Even in countries like China,the Chinese are struggling to maintain the same.Take an example of Beijing and Guiyu,though they are not far away from each other but the living condition in both the cities are uncomparable.Beijings GDP stands at $250 Billion where the other one is not even $1 billion.But still I believe the city will definitely attract investment due to its rich neighbourhood.
Slowly we are also seeing the samething in Odisha,the places like Anugul,Paradip,Kalinganagar,Duburi,Jharsuguda,Gopa lpur etc. getting a big share of the total investement .When I visited Kalinganagar last year,I could not believe my eyes seeing the development it has already achieved.Though now the development epicenter in at Bhubaneswar,it would definitely grab Rourkela in to its tide.In some statistics I have seen,now we are richer by 3 times in per capita income,poverty is reduced drastically .I have met some of the guys who are campaigning for investement in Bhubaneswar and I asked the same question to them – “Why Bhubaneswar and Why not Odisha” and the reply I got was too convincing.As per their quote - ,”We are struggling to get a single rupee investment in Bhubaneswar so think if we will go for other location of Odisha,they would definitely reject our proposal as there is not much campaign about other parts.Lots of people aboard and even in India,they are asking where is Bhubaneswar so forget about Sundergarh,Rourkela ,Berhampur,Sambalpur etc.In a near past,some team has asked Air Deccan to start a 15 seater flight from Rourkela to Bhubaneswar and it was straight away rejected and the Air Deccan authority asked for the alternative.So ultimately the team proposed for Bhubaneswar – Ranchi route.So let the revolution start form Bhubaneswar and to be spread to other part.”
And the explanation was quite true as per the marketing theory.You cant invest in all the products at a time.Let the most favorite product sell then use the return to make other products dominate the market with its brand name.So after somedays its wont be Brand Bhubaneswar(I don’t support this) rather it would be Brand Odisha .
Its my opinion and I didn’t write up these things to hurt anyone and I firmly stand by with any development activites that supports Western Odisha.

Jai Jagannath

29th May, 2012, 05:13 PM
Dear sanjit, what u think its showing a negative feel with a spoonful of sugar in mouth. If things goes this way of dis capital centric govt. All natural resource r in western odisha frm iron ore to coal to water. If such brand so called b.b.s.r goes on it wil turn negative situation of westrn odisha. Lets u people do n e thing. D geographic of rourkela wil get changed automaticaly, wen stiff competn wil start in nxt few year. Al d companies wil locate themselvs nearer 2 resources. Ya wanna say u dat , tata is bringing international airport near kharsawn , which is 80km frm rourkela . Jharsuguda is coming wid domestic airport 70km 4rm rkl. Jamshedpur , jharsuguda , ranchi n raigarh growing like n e thing and all r at 2hr distance 4rm rkl. We people commute dis place 4 wrk. In next 10 year jamshedpur -rourkela-jharguda-raigarh-ranchi. Wil b mega manufacturing hub. Wid starting east west freight coridor connecting all these cities wil turn d future bright. If state govt turns eye out only 2 bbsr n costal , if wil lose like n e thing. Same story of m.p and chattisgarh. Dey sud b ware ,else d cat wil get out of box.

29th May, 2012, 06:14 PM
I would be more than happy if Western Orissa gets what they deserve for. But for kind information be realistic and practical rather aggressive. Development starts with the denizens first and have you personally contributed anything in Rourkela’s development…I guess “No”.So rather than waiting for others favor…start working on the development.I know more than 10 organization(most of them are set by IT professionals in and outside India) who are dedicatedly working for Investment in Bhubaneswar and you can’t blame them for that cause as all of them belong to Bhubaneswar.Ultimately these bodies are getting projects for the Govt. rather than sitting idle and waiting for the Govt. Pandora box to open(As you say “Spoonful of Sugar in mouth” doesn’t hold good here).
I never had any hard feeling for any part of Odisha but I would like to share my feeling with you to make you think more on your issues.Remeber one thing “A person can never grow without any critics”.So take the thing in a positive way and kick start your ideas.

One request – You have written in your article that - “Lets u people do n e thing”….Please don’t use this type of statements..as I am neither a representative of any Govt. nor I am a separatist in my own state. I just want to make the forum more Live by putting some criticism.

29th May, 2012, 06:24 PM
I know 20 person frm chairman of educom santanu a rklites to bibhu mohaptra a đesigner to hande novelest n magsasy winner. Al r opening their research unit here.

29th May, 2012, 06:35 PM

You are most welcome to put your views whatever you think is appropriate. But at the sametime irrespective of your view points, working for development is also a responsibility of local poeple and local people should continue doing it.

Whether any model works or not, the effort must continue. There is a difference between "Uniform" and "Equal" development. Uniformity in development is very much possible but "Equal" is not. The effort must be started both at village and city level by the State Govt. and local intellectual forums. A city must be recognized with it's potential and opportunities using it's resources. Regarding concentration on a particular city, I agree to that to some extent. But I don't agree to that at the cost of entire Odisha. Other cities should not be left alone but should be given attention as and when required. And this will only happen when Govt. of Odisha and Local leadership takes it seriously. Odisha has already lost the race for IT investment. It should have happened 15 years back to reap the fruit of investment. Other than tall claims Odisha Govt. has done nothing in last 10 years with respect to IT. How many IT jobs the Engg. or other graduates get in Odisha ? Most of the students they leave Odisha to have a decent job outside where they see some growth in their career.

Lastly my appeal to all is to lets be respectful to each other while posting and lets respect the forum rules as well without bringing regionalism in to it. This forum doesn't entertain regionalism in any form.

This forum welcomes ideas, opinion and plan of actions rather any personal aspects of a person.

The forum is more than just a discussion forum. Here we discuss and wherever possible we work for the cause in true sense and that makes this platfrom different than many platforms on internet. So lets talk about the cases on "What and how to carry out actions" rather than only "What to discuss".

29th May, 2012, 08:57 PM
Thanks Admin for the suggestion..I would also like to be part of this development activities and please let me know in case i can contribute for any kind of development in Rourkela...

Soon i ll be coming up with a Blueprint(its a kind of prototype) on how to setup things both in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.I will need all of your thoughts then.

Thanks all of You

29th May, 2012, 09:05 PM

You are encouraged to share your ideas which will overall develop Odisha. If Bhubaneshwar or Rourkela or any other cities get developed that is eventually Odisha's development in a lighter sense.

You can browse through the "Watch List" of various projects at Rourkela . You can find the list on top of this page. Out of those only "Agricultural Science Center and Institute " project is making a good progress. Others are just on papers as a proposal and some are just possibilities. To develop Rourkela, it needs everone's support not just people of Rourkela. This attitude must be developed among our people. And this will only happen when we take care and support each other's progress.

2nd December, 2012, 08:13 AM
any update about multi speciality mall developed by Natural Group

11th December, 2012, 08:12 AM
Many anti-social elements like land mafia and agents are taking undue advantage of the scheduled area status to Rourkela. According to this rule land cannot be sold to people of other communities. Thats why the remaining land in municipality is totally under the control of land mafia and slum dwellers.


It was unfortunate that the whole of Sundargarh was kept under 5th scheduled area, whereas we see in other states major cities, especially steel cities are kept away from 5th scheduled area as the states are aware that keeping major cities in scheduled areas will hamper the development process. Hence we should campaign for making Greater Rourkela an unscheduled area i.e. it should be removed from the list of 5th scheduled area

14th April, 2014, 02:42 PM
real estate in rourkela is lighting up slowly. whether it is the integrated township of vastu vihar or design aprtments by garvit tower n realtech infra.
but still we need another big industry in rourkela. either in educational sector r industry for all around development.

15th April, 2014, 10:33 AM
Wait for another month or so.If Dilip Ray wins and BJP forms govt in Delhi,its a win win situation for Rourkela no matter who forms govt in Odisha.So lets keep fingers crossed.This election is way too different from earlier ones.As far i know BJD is not winning from Rourkela after the disaster show by its MLA( we all know who he is) .People want development if its not BJD then let BJP do.The worst was when Mr CM let the ESIC at BBSR.That was a game changer for BJP.BJP manifesto for RKL includes Railway Division,Airport ,Medical colleges and infrastructure development.