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December 2022

Ghoghar Dham

How to reach:
There are two different route to reach this spot. One is from Bilaigarh Chowk near Kansabahal on SH-10 on Rourkela – Sambalpur route. This is around 3 km from Bilaigarh chowk which all weather memorable road.

Another route is from Rajgangpur chowk on SH-10 on Rourkela – Sambalpur route. This is also motorable road and distance is around 10/12 km from Rajgangpur Chowk.

Ghogar , a gorge on River IB, is situated in 200 19’ North and 840 0 ‘E longitude. It is about 30 km from Rourkela town i.e from Panposh Chowk. During the rainy season when the water level of IB comes down, the river passes through a narrow stone bed extending over five kilometers. The beautiful gorge with its sylvan background is also a popular picnic spot and attracts number of visitor throughout the year. There is a naturally formed Siva Linga of Black granite at the side.

The story behind the availability of this shivalinga is also interesting. Earlier this place was having deep forest covered under the then King of Raghunath Sekhar Deo( 1849-1917) / 1858 – 1917, 18th Raja Saheb of Gangpur State ( from which the Dist. of Sundargarh created ) , King of Sundergarh. King’s cow folks were coming to this place for roaming and grazing. Once king’s favorite cow went missing and when king came to know about this, he ordered the cowboys to assist him into the jungle to track down his dear cow. After searching the jungle thoroughly, they discovered the cow near a stone and to thier surprise the cow was sprinkling / poured milk over it. Immediately king ordered to drag out the stone with his elephant, so it was tried but the elephant died immediately while trying to move the stone. Feeling frustrated and exhausted king camped nearby to rest for the evening and at night he had dreams of the same stone after which it is learned that the stone is actually a Linga of Lord Shiva. Next day morning he rushed to the place and to his astonishment there he found a stream flowing from the foot of the stone and soon the Stone (Linga) was submerged. Witnessing the glimpse of God’s miracle, he built a temple nearby and donated 590 acres of land to the Bhuyan community for maintenance and puja offering of deity Lord Shiva . Since then, Lord Shiva is worshiped here by the bhuyan priests and not by Brhamins which is again a different instance of the worshipping place likewise at Maa Tarini of Ghatgaon ( Keonjhra Dist.) In the process of time this temple is revamped and renovated to a bigger one with the donations from devotees. In 1987, Jagat Guru Swarupananda Saraswati Maharaj (Sankaracharjya) inaugurated the new temple which is standing at present. Now in this temple puja is offered by Dehuri families. This temple is taken over by Deputy Commissioner of Endowment, Odisha in the year 1999, vide no 8606 (7)69,SNG,7-6-99.

Now this temple is managed by Sri Ghogareswar Mahadeb Trust. The main trustee of this is Ghogadmall Gadodia. This trust manages the day to day functioning of the temple. Due to it’s lush green scenic environment with full of green trees this place is also used for picnic during winter season.

There are facility of community lunch and lodging facility for outstation devotees at this place. Many numbers of devotes and tourists visisted this place throughout the year. But specially during the month of Shravan(July / August) lakhs of devotees visisted this place pouring water on Shiva Linga from various parts of district of Sundargarh as well as neighboring state of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. Other then this during Kartika Purnima in the month of November and Shivaratri February / March thousands of devotees visisted this place.

Recently Government of Odisha through the Department of Tourism proposed to develop this place with more facilities for Tourists like better link road from SH – 10 to this place , illumination etc.

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